What’s an Employment Value Proposition?

What attracted you to your organization? What factors keep you there? These questions are important to consider as you prepare to recruit and write a job posting. The answers will help you define your school district’s Employment Value Proposition.

An Employment Value Proposition is a marketing tool to attract candidates to your district. It can be considered a way to communicate the ecosystem of support, recognition and values that your school district is able to provide to employees to achieve their highest potential at work.

Consider this:

  • The job market for qualified workers (teachers in particular!) is incredibly competitive and requires a more assertive recruitment approach
  • Clearly communicating how a candidate will benefit from working for your school or district is important
  • At the recruitment stage candidates are choosing you. As a result, you need to ensure you are actively marketing your organizational strengths

Some things to consider when articulating your employment value proposition:

  • Be authentic. Make sure public information relating to your school district’s reputation is aligned. Candidates are research-savvy so they will be looking for this information online. If information on websites is inconsistent, this will be noticed.
  • What is unique about your school district? Seek compelling stories from current employees to share.
  • Sell it! Be proud! Ensure that your communications with candidates in job postings, emails and other communications is warm, welcoming and positive at every stage of the selection process.

The more applicants you attract to the candidate pool, the more likely you will be to find the perfect candidates for your difficult-to-fill positions!

Happy Hiring!

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