Selection Reflection

Human Right Considerations when Hiring

When building a selection process for your school or school district, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that all elements of your hiring process comply with legislation. This involves many considerations – from implementing a process that does not discriminate against applicants to appropriately collecting and storing information ...

The Selection Reflection

Let’s face it. There are so many things about hiring in the K-12 School Sector that are unique. From the seasonal nature of the hiring cycle (hiring managers aren’t booking vacations in late August, that’s for sure!) and the uncertainty of knowing how many “on-call” or substitute staff you'll need. Too few hires and there’s a risk of vacancies not being covered, yet too many hires results in a lack of work (and possible turnover) for those you do hire. Ah! If only we could accurately predict the employee absence rate!

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We are a K-12 human resource consultancy specializing in recruitment and selection practices. Passionate about education and maximizing outcomes for students, we support schools and school districts to enhance hiring opportunities.

Whether you are hiring teachers, educational leaders, finance specialists, or support workers, we have "education-sector specific" solutions to build on your success.

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