Who We Are

We are a K-12 human resource consultancy specializing in recruitment and selection practices. Passionate about education and maximizing outcomes for students, we support schools and school districts to enhance hiring opportunities.

Whether you are hiring teachers, educational leaders, finance specialists, or support workers, we have “education-sector specific” solutions to build on your success.

Meet Our Team

EduSelect values the importance of hiring caring, effective and diverse employees so that all learners can thrive. Check out the team and learn what K-12 memories they are grateful for.

Catherine Jagger

Principal Consultant

Catherine has always enjoyed connecting people and loves the thrill of a match well made. She has been in consulting and recruitment for over 20 years, with more than 10 of those years focussed on recruiting for K-12 public education. Catherine has conducted and supported many dozens of searches for educational and operational leaders in BC.’s K-12 sector and loves to imagine how each person and role in a school district can positively affect the learners in the classroom.

Impactful K-12 memory: Catherine looks back with gratitude for her generous grade 3 teacher who took the time to encourage her creativity through writing.

Amrit Dhaliwal

Human Resource Generalist

Amrit has a keen interest in human resources and the processes and systems that contribute to enhanced practices. She is a recent graduate of the BCIT human resource program and is continuing to pursue her learning in business studies. Amrit played basketball at the college level and knows what it feels like to commit to a project and stick with it.

Impactful K-12 memory: Amrit is grateful to all the adults who spent hours coaching and mentoring her as a young athlete. Their dedication allowed her to excel in athletics and contributed to her overall success.

Janet Stewart

Facilitator and Coach

Janet has been leading hiring efforts in the K-12 Sector for over 20 years. In her work with EduSelect, she shares her passions with human resource professionals – whether they are front-line staff, managers, senior leaders or Board members – through training programs, facilitated workshops, and coaching. She is passionate about building capacity and enhancing structures to enable great hiring decisions.

Impactful K-12 memory: Janet fondly remembers her kind-hearted elementary school principal who knew every child in the school and was always smiling.

Hiring Well

Building Strong Selection Practices in K-12
This book is a practical step-by-step guide for constructing a comprehensive and consistent hiring process. Drawing on her years of kindergarten to grade 12 hiring experience, Janet Stewart shares practical strategies, templates and checklists to help you attract, select and hire top performing employees.

In This Book You Will Discover

Hiring Well

Why hiring well in the K-12 system is critically important to enhancing students' experiences.


Strategies to attract diverse applicants so you can build inclusive workplace culture and enhance student learning environments


A number of practical tools, templates, and checklists to support you in constructing strong selection practices

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