The Selection Reflection

Let’s face it. There are so many things about hiring in the K-12 School Sector that are unique. From the seasonal nature of the hiring cycle (hiring managers aren’t booking vacations in late August, that’s for sure!) and the uncertainty of knowing how many “on-call” or substitute staff you’ll need. Too few hires and there’s a risk of vacancies not being covered, yet too many hires results in a lack of work (and possible turnover) for those you do hire. Ah! If only we could accurately predict the employee absence rate! Finally, the sheer variety of positions you have to hire for is overwhelming; teachers, facilities staff, maintenance, school leaders, educational support workers, administrative staff, finance specialists, and others. 

Yes!  Hiring in school districts is unique!  So… why not a blog focussed specifically on that topic?

The Selection Reflection is exactly that. Join me as I endeavour to reflect on ways to make our work with schools and school districts even more meaningful than it already is. Hiring in the K-12 sector is fast-paced and often stress-inducing and consequently we rarely have opportunities to pause and reflect; but we should! I believe that reflection and celebration of the work you do in K-12 is warranted. My hope is to maintain a blog that inspires and supports your work. Topics such as diversity hiring, bias in the interview process, how to write impactful questions, and others will be shared.  Reach out to tell me what topics interest you and I will do my best to deliver.

I can’t wait to get this conversation underway!

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