Checking References with Cautious Curiosity

A few quick facts

  • Reference checks are an important part of the selection process
  • Checking references helps validate what we have learned about the candidate through the screening and interview process 
  • Reference checking is part of the legally-grounded hiring process

Be cautiously curious about these questions

  • Do you have the candidate’s written permission to speak with someone else about their past?
  • Have you asked the referee whether they expect what they tell you remains confidential?
  • Have you documented these confidentiality expectations for future reference?
  • In the reference conversation, are you staying on topic, asking only job-related questions?

Making sure we balance our curiousity about a candidate with appropriate caution about the formal process within which these reference conversations take place, ensures you can gather great information in a legally-sound manner. 

Want more information about reference checks?

Download the EduSelect sample reference check template or review the EduSelect site for other K-12 hiring resources.

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