A Comprehensive Hiring Process

When designing a selection process, we don’t always consider all the steps that are necessary to make great hiring decisions. It is important not to take any short-cuts, but instead ensure that all steps in the process are well defined and consistently implemented. This will increase your ability to attract, hire and retain quality people.

A comprehensive selection process ensures that:  

  • candidates know about open positions and understand what makes the district a unique and positive place to work
  • the application process is clear and straightforward
  • district staff adopt a consistent approach to assessing potential candidates during the shortlist and interview phases
  • successful candidates are supported after they are hired.

The following simple four step framework can be used as a “checklist” to help you design well-structured and comprehensive selection processes.  

  • Stage One: Preparation – Develop  a  job description, determine the selection criteria you will use to evaluate candidates, write a job posting and develop an application procedure.
  • Stage Two: Recruitment – Attract strong applicants and create a clear and transparent application process.
  • Stage Three: Decision-making – Make  a shortlist of candidates to interview, check whether shortlisted candidates have the required qualifications, establish a sound behavioural interview process, conduct the interview, rate each candidate and check references.
  • Stage Four: The employment relationship – Make the offer and communicate with applicants, welcome and orient the new employee, and implement retention strategies.

 Very few decisions your district  makes affects the quality of the services you provide as much as hiring the right people. Do not rush into these decisions or make them impulsively. A well-planned process is crucial.

By investing the time to create a process that can be used consistently by a wide range of personnel in your district, you will be able to recruit and retain the best candidates available.

Happy Hiring!

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