School Spring Staffing Crunch

At this time of year, School Board human resource departments across Canada are facing significantly increased workloads and longer “to do” lists. Despite this increased intensity, it’s essential not to cut corners from your selection process or to rush hiring decisions. Instead, stay focussed on ensuring that every hire you make is top-notch.

Consider the following:  

  • Poor hiring decisions have a negative impact on team productivity and employee morale
  • Hiring the wrong person can result in financial costs equating to 30% of the employee’s salary
  • In a Career Builder survey, 31% percentage of employers identified “pressure to hire quickly” as a reason they made poor hiring decisions. 

To maintain your focus on quality hires through these very busy months, reflect on the following questions: 

  • Have you clearly defined the job for which you are hiring?
  • Have you defined the selection criteria (the skills, knowledge, and attributes) that potential candidates need to possess in order to be successful in the job?  
  • Are your interview questions designed to elicit information that will allow you to measure the defined selection criteria?
  • How will you make applicants feel welcomed, informed, and comfortable so that they can be their authentic selves throughout the process?
  • What structures have you established to surface and address unconscious bias? 

Following a structured selection process will support great hiring and ensure you build a strong and engaged workforce.

Happy Hiring!

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